Some Important Topics asked in Group Discussion

The selection process for banking, government or private sector examination consists of written examination, Group discussion and Personal Interview. After passing the written examination, the candidates are then selected for the next round, i.e, for Group Discussion. Here we will discuss some important topics asked in Group Discussion.

Some important topics

The several topics discussed during the Group Discussion Round are generally related to General Awareness. Therefore, the students must keep themselves updated with happening of the day-to-day world. Some of the suggested topics of the GD are given below.

  • How do you see the European Union Debt Crisis?
  • How can scams be reduced in the nation?
  • How do you see the impact of Rupee Depreciation?
  • How do you see the population growth: an Aid or, a Pain to the nation?
  • How good is FDI in Retail in India?
  • How is Globalization affecting Indian economy?
  • Impact of Public Private Partnership in Infrastructural development.
  • Impact of the scams on the Indian Economy.
  • Importance of trade in India.
  • Is the use of force by banks to recover loans justified?
  • Should PSUs be divested through Strategic Sale or Public Offer?
  • Should Swadeshi goods be given priority over the foreign goods?
  • Should the public sector be privatized?
  • The role of the Rural Population in the development of the nation.
  • What is the relevancy of Co-operatives in the globalized world?
  • Which is a better option: MNCs or Indian Companies?
  • Will India emerge as a Superpower by 2050?
  • Will Privatization help in reducing corruption?
  • Will the banning of Trade Union benefit the growth of the nation?

Related Topics:

How to prepare for topics asked in Group Discussion?

The simplest suggestion to the candidates in this regard is to keep themselves updated with the Current Affairs. They must read the newspaper daily and along with this, must be proficient in English language, especially for communication purposes. Also, specifically, the candidates must keep updates of the latest developments in the banking sector and in Indian Economy.

How to present yourself during the GD Round?

While speaking during the GD, the candidates must maintain clarity and also should present their points effectively but, politely. Candidates must take their turns to keep their views. They should not shout and also let other participants keep their points. Candidates should make sure that whatever they speak is not irrelevant. In case of any confusion with the facts, the candidate must opt for keeping quite.

Final Verdict

It often happens during the GD that the discussion becomes a debate. The candidates must prevent this. They must present their own views, and let others present theirs. They may show their agreement or, disagreement by polite responses. Following these etiquette will help the candidate clear this level of group discussion.

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