Job Opportunities after MBA in both Public & Private Sector

The core courses in the Master of Business Administrator (MBA) program are designed in such a way that students are introduced to the various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc. Students enrolled in these programs have the option of taking general business courses throughout the program or, they can even select an area of concentration. But, many institutes, especially in India offer their own specialized courses.

The students are required to study the laws, trends, markets and economies that affect businesses and the running of businesses. Students are also exposed to ‘real-life situations’ which help them in long run. MBA degree can be obtained in Accounting, Business Management, E-Business/E-Commerce, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Management, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategic/Risk Management or,  Technology Management. Here we will discuss some best Job Opportunities after MBA.

Public Sector

Specializations in Marketing MBA, Finance MBA, Accounting MBA, Computer System MBA,  e-Business MBA, Entrepreneurship MBA,  Crime justice MBA,  Global management MBA,  Healthcare Management MBA, Human resource MBA,  International Business MBA, Leadership MBA,  Operations MBA,  Project Management MBA, Technology Management MBA and MBA in HR are great in demand for the public sector jobs. In the public sector, people who are in charge of Marketing in government agencies are required to be capable of creating good marketing strategies and conveying their message to people.  The government agencies related with finance require people who are quick thinkers, have the qualities of reviewing and planning finance related policies. They need advisors to the government for gaining better financial status by employing various methods and means. An MBA degree is the one in finance which encompasses these qualities in a person. Moreover, the government of India enterprises, public undertakings etc. offer a great deal of jobs for the MBAs. The posts which are offered normally range from Assistant Manager/Junior Officers to Senior to top posts as well and that depends on the experience one possesses. Freshers can also seek employment in this sector as management trainees. Senior level posts are also available in this sector but they accept candidates beyond the age of 35 or 40 years.

Private Sector

This sector is growing faster than the Public sector. Hence, there are numerous companies of the private sector that need students of finance. They offer  challenging jobs, but the candidates also receive handsome salaries in return. The opportunities available in this sector are much more than that in the public sector. Posts like that of a Credit Risk Management Analyst, Financial Research Analyst, Financial/Securities/Investments Analyst Personal Financial Adviser and Portfolio Manager are available for the students holding a MBA degree. Since, the students are taught about the finer aspects of economics, banking, accounting and market structure etc. in their MBA program, they prove to be valuable for firms, especially for the firms of the banking sector.

IT Sector

In IT companies, candidates can work as Business Analyst. One has to act as an Interface between the customer and the delivery team, and is expected to understand the business processes and the exact customer requirements. They are expected to document all these things properly in a format that the delivery team understands.  ERP Consultants in IT companies are responsible for understanding the business processes of customers. They are also responsible to implement packaged ERP software (like SAP) after making the necessary customizations. The Project Managers in the company are involved in a project right from the stage of requirements gathering. They are required to do Planning, Estimation, Resource (People, Hardware, Software etc.) and time management. Tools like MS Project are heavily used by them. Here in the IT sector, HR managers are responsible for Recruitment, Appraisal, Employee retention, Career planning, Trainings etc. Quality/Testing Managers are those who are suitable with testing/QA kind of background.

Specifically, people with degree in Finance can make a career in any financial institution, banks, consultancies etc. Those in Marketing can make a career in Consumer Goods (FMCG), Consumer Durables, Non-Durables, Advertising, Market Research, Media, Sales and Distribution to Services Marketing.  MBA with IT specialization offers career in Business Analyst, Pre-Sales or Business Development Manager, Sales or ERP Consultant, Project Manager, Quality Manager and Consultant. MBA in HR helps to make career in human resource development, personnel management and industrial relations. MBA Operations offers career making opportunities in the fields of quality control, logistics, inventory control, and production planning & improvement.

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