Improve English Grammar Section for Competitive exam

English has become a very important subject for competitive exams, since it is asked in almost all of them. Candidates usually face problems answering questions of English grammar because of them hailing from a non-english speaking background or, of the reason that they studied in non-english medium schools. Here are some important tips to improve english grammar.


This is the first important step in making improvements for English grammar. Candidates should read various books of literature, magazines and books. Newspapers are another important source. Candidates must refer grammar books for parts of speech, voice, punctuations etc, to make improvements in their English grammar. This is important because these are the kinds of questions which are asked in competitive examinations as far as grammar is concerned.


Writing practice is very much important to improve one’s English grammar. Students are advised to write short paragraphs to long articles every day. Then they must get the same checked by any expert or, teacher. This will help them check their progress time to time. This will improve the candidate’s command over voices, parts of speech, vocabulary, punctuations and almost all the possible questions which are asked in English Grammar.


Watching English movies is again an aid to improve English grammar. Candidates if they have time for leisure, may invest in watching English movies; this will help them improve a lot.


Speaking is another important method. The reason for this is that while in the course of speaking, a person is able to point out several flaws in the language which he may ignore while writing. In the same course, the person may also read conversation books; this will be a great aid too.


In the course of discussion, if the candidate speaks wrongly or, makes some mistakes; the same can be pointed out by the other members in the group. The candidate can also do the same. This will also help the candidate improve a lot.

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